top 5 for the 4th

top 5 for the 4th

4th of July checklist

Be sure to check off all the essentials for this holiday… Order ahead or drop your cooler off and we’ll pack it up for you! Remember, we’ll be closed Sunday, July 2nd through Tuesday, July 4th, reopening for dinner Wednesday, July 5th.

  • oysters
    Don’t want to shuck them? Don’t know how? Grill them! We’ll teach you how 😉 Want to make french baked oysters? Grab everything here and place in the oven – easy, peasy! Grab all the toppings, too: mignonette, homemade cocktail sauce, and lemons.
  • sausages
    Don’t fire up the grill without some of our mouth-watering links! We have broccoli rabe & provolone, hot Italian, and sweet Italian.
  • lobster salad
    Order a pint or a quart of this Maine-inspired party pleaser before you hit the road… don’t forget the rolls!
  • bluefish pate
    Grab a pint or a quart of this Nantucket-style legend, along with our classic crostini.
  • cheeses & salumi
    Let us help you pair the perfect cheeses for your rosé or white burgurdy – or select some stand-alone gems that you will simply ooze over. Choose the perfect salumi to serve with nuts, pickled veggies, and more…

last, but not least…

Don’t forget the The Hostess Gift! Let us help you choose the perfect gift for the hospitable holiday host – whether it’s mom, dad, or the new in-laws; keep it simple or go over the top!

order ahead