Wine Tasting Class (1 of up to 10)


One (1) seat for a Cornerstone Wine Tasting Class.
Includes 2 wines and a seasonal share plate per group.
In-person tastings are the last Sunday of every month.
Groups of up to 10 people are welcome.

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Philadelphia Style

August 3, 2016 Nick & Christine Kondra Opening Cornerstone & What It’s Like Working Together.
What happens when two chefs who happen to be husband and wife bring a taste of New England home to the Main Line? The toughest reservation in Wayne.
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Delco Times

March 28, 2017 Culture club: Philly region’s cheese makers ‘connecting landscape and foodscape’
“I really hope we can help people understand why local cheese is local,” she said. “I use the phrase ‘connecting landscape and foodscape.’ The food reflects the land, soil, air and water that’s here. The flavors are specific to this place.”
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edible philly

March 15, 2017 / Cornerstone BYOB.
Wayne’s quaint Cornerstone BYOB has put together pairings of their finest artisanal products hand-selected by their culinary team.
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edible philly

March 15, 2017 / Road Trip: The Main Line in a Day.
…Cornerstone offers a quiet setting for an elegant lunch (or dinner). The menu features salads and sandwiches, but I recommend trying its carefully curated cheese and charcuterie boards. Sit by the counter and listen to the staff share the stories behind your food.
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around main line

May 11, 2017 / Mother’s Day Dining Guide Around the Main Line 2017.
Show your love with taste this Mother’s Day–especially if Mom is a gourmand! Wayne’s quaint Cornerstone BYOB has put together pairings of their finest artisanal products hand-selected by their culinary team. Cornerstone gift packages/baskets can be custom designed to include select cheeses and charcuterie, any of their artisanal accoutrements and a bottle of wine of your choice. Include a gift certificate to Cornerstone for Mom and you will surely wow her taste buds!
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Steven Gullo.

Originally from Long Island, Steven Gullo grew up with an interest in cooking and hospitality at a young age. That passion brought him to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts Management. During his training he developed a fondness for wine and beverage. A crucial moment occurred in school when he tasted a glass of 1966 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild. Since then he hasn’t looked back!
Earning the top score in both his Introductory and Certified Sommelier exams, Steven most recently passed his Advanced level exam with the Court of Master Sommeliers and placed 3rd in the national finals for Best Young Sommelier 2016 held in Sonoma.

Steven’s experience has led him to travel numerous wine regions including South America and all along the west coast. Aside from his work at Cornerstone, Steven spends free time with his wife and family in PA and New Jersey.

Steven is our beverage director & advanced sommelier

Scott Zoccolillo.

Sharing a Syracuse connection with Nick, Scott spent his college years there attaining a degree in computer engineering, but later ventured into the public safety arena as a firefighter and EMT in North Syracuse and then the Town of Cary, NC. Subsequently beginning his journey into the culinary and wine world by managing across a number of restaurants and country clubs, he eventually attained formal training through the Court of Master Sommeliers, Society of Wine Educators, and the Cicerone Certification Program.

Pouring his experience from the hospitality industry and passion for wine into the development of an award winning wine program for Cornerstone, Scott is also a strong advocate for Pennsylvania wine and often consults with the Pennsylvania Wine Authority as well as many local winemakers.

Scott is our beverage director & certified sommelier

Owen Salerno.

Growing up in an Italian family, Owen spent considerable time in the kitchen learning family recipes and to appreciate quality food made with love. After graduating from Penn State with a degree in Public Relations, Owen moved to San Diego, California with a few college friends to “live the dream.” During his time in San Diego, Owen truly learned the value of food and the works it takes to put food on the table by working on a 140-acre organic farm. From his experience at the farm, Owen joined the Urban Kitchen Group as Marketing + Social Media Manager.

In this role, he was responsible for overseeing all aspects of marketing, events and social media for a collective of five Italian kitchens + wine shops, a catering company and on-line shop. After 16 years in San Diego and one engagement later, Owen has moved back to the Main Line. He’s excited to work alongside Christine, Nick and the entire Cornerstone team.


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raspberry point oysters.

History: With more than 20 years in the oyster business, Raspberry Point Oyster Co. raises cocktail, small, and large choice oysters in the picturesque cool, clear waters off Prince Edward Island, Canada.

About: Raspberry Point’s leases are some of the most northern stocks of oysters on North America. Because of this, each oyster takes between 4 – 6 years to reach market size.

Fun Fact: Raspberry Point Oyster Co. offers customers six brands of oysters – Raspberry Point, Daisy Bay, Pickle Point, Lucky Limes, Shiny Sea, and Irish Point

Tasting Notes: 3 to 3½ inches in size, they have a wonderful salty taste, clean flavour with a delightful sweet finish.

aunt dotty oysters.

About: The Aunt Dotty’s are the newest member to the Island Creek portfolio. They are grown about a mile from the Island Creeks right off of Saquish Beach (technically a part of the town of Plymouth) on the tidal lands next to Skip’s cottage. The cottage has been in the family since the days of the pilgrims, and he actually has a deed that proves that he owns the tidal area (only an oyster farmer would really care about this!). Anyway, the Aunt Dotty’s are also grown in trays, but are much more exposed at low tide, and for a longer period of time. They are named after Skip’s great aunt Dotty who was the last relative to live in the cottage year round.

Tasting Notes: The Aunt Dotty’s are the most savory of the bunch. While still salty, they have a complex acidity and fullness to them. They have the most intense flavor of the lot and we love them. Aunt Dotty oysters are the most petite oysters that we carry.

summerstone oysters.

About: Grown by Hama Hama at their summertime oyster farm, located on the northern end of the Olympic Peninsula in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, where the water stays cool all summer. Summerstones are beautifully cupped with a delicate frill at the edge, evidence of their bag-to-beach grow out method. These are ocean oysters, fed on cold water recently upwelled from deep in the Pacific.

Fun Fact:These are a very seasonal oyster, only available in the summertime.

Tasting Notes: Expect them to be sweet on the finish but bracingly briny up front.

blue pool oysters.

About: Blue Pools are tumbled oysters grown at Hama Hama. Tumbling gives these oysters deep cups and smoother shells for easier shucking and better presentation. It also changes their flavor and seasonality. Raw Blue Pool oysters tend to have more body than beach grown varieties.

Tasting Notes: a finish leaning towards the earthy sweetness of a carrot, rather than a cucumber

disco hama oysters.

About: The Disco Hama is grown in Discovery Bay, just off the Strait of Juan de Fuca. All summer long the North wind blows down the strait, causing nearshore upwelling that brings cold, nutrient rich water to the surface. Disco Hamas are grown in bags on top of cobbled beaches, giving them a nice deep cup with a bit of frill, on a point on the western side of the bay. The farm site has swift currents, for ample food, and heavy southwest winds, for shell conditioning.

Tasting Notes: These are salt-forward oysters, mellowing to a crisp sweetness with a finish of fresh spinach, green olive, and light smoke.

Isaac Beirne.

Isaac started working in fine dining and brew pubs in Portland, Maine. After seven years of serving, bartending, and wine buying, his fondness for the world of wine led him to New York City in 2005. There, he worked at the Morrell Wine Xchange on the Upper East Side, then as a manager at Gotham Wine and Liquors, and finally managing at 67 Wine & Spirits. He has presented many times on wine regions, styles, and spirits. He was overjoyed to find in Nick and Christine Kondra, kindred spirits in providing world class food and drink in the context of world class hospitality. His enthusiasm for wine, spirits, beer, and saké keep him engaged and excited about Cornerstone’s exceptionally cultivated and curious guests.

olympia oysters.

About: Established in 1878, the Olympia Oyster Company began when commercial fishing and lumber businesses were in their infancy. The “Oympia Oyster”, the oysters native to the West Coast, spanned from Baja, Mexico to southeastern Alaska. At the center? Washington State. Fearful of overharvesting, which wiped out San Francisco’s stock, the Puget Sound harvesters invented a crop management system to ensure a sustainable supply of oysters. Dike construction, as it was referred to, covered the seabed with a series of man-made terraces, filling and leveling the tidelands with shell and gravel, retaining two or three inches of seawater at low tide. This buffer provided natural insulation, protecting the crop from extreme temperature variations.

Tasting Notes:Less than a third the size of a Pacific oyster, Olys are delicate in size (about the size of a Fifty Cent piece) but bold flavor, most commonly described as plumper, firmer and sweeter than all the rest.

Marc Yanga.

Prior to Cornerstone, Marc was Head Bartender at the Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, PA; Bar Manager of Dan Dan’s flagship restaurant in Rittenhouse Square, Bar Manager of Han Dynasty of University City and Old City; and the Master Mixologist of Sofitel Philadelphia. Though Philadelphia born and bred, Marc began his mixology career in Chicago. Originally recognized as one of the “Up-and-Coming Mixologists” by Time Out Chicago Magazine, one of his cocktail creations was named the “Best Cocktail in Chicago”. Returning to Philly in 2010 with his family, Marc wasted no time and entered area bartending competitions, attaining accolades such as finalist for “Bacardi Rum’s Pina Colada National Competition” at the annual Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans; and at the annual “Philadelphia Whiskeyfest” event, he was bestowed the title of “Woodford Reserve’s Master of the Manhattan”.

Sarah Luckenbill.

Raised in Reading, PA, Sarah attended Penn State University before making the move to Washington D.C. to work her way through the city’s restaurant ranks. Her first management position was with Neighborhood Restaurant Group. This was followed by an exciting role as the Events Coordinator and HR Director position at Proof, Estadio & Doi Moi, and finally being an integral part of the opening team of restaurant Chloe by Haidar Karoum. After spending almost a decade in the DC restaurant scene, Sarah relocated back to her roots in the Philadelphia suburbs. There was an immediate connection at her first meeting with Christine where it was clear the two shared a serious passion for food, wine, and genuine hospitality.
With Sarah’s 10+ years of restaurant management experience, she looks to bring fresh enthusiasm and ideas to the already successful Cornerstone family.

private event details

buyouts + turns include:

  • cocktail hour
  • passed small plates
  • 4-course dinner
  • signature cocktails
  • outdoor satellite bar
  • tablescape flowers


  • seasonal a la carte menu items
  • passed small plates and tapas
  • raw bar and caviar service
  • reserved parking
  • additional tables and chairs
  • personalized printed menus
  • live music or DJ
  • A/V setup (speakers, projectors, etc.)



Takeout + Delivery | Outdoor Dining

11am–10pm Wed–Fri   |   10am–11pm Sat


The Old Salt PoBoy ~ $15
Tempura battered Island Creek oysters, smoked pork aioli, wood grilled red onions, with house salad or frites



saturday brunch

wine by the glass


after-dinner drinks



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Housemade Sausages

Cornerstone Sweet Italian Sausages ~ $7.95/lb
Housemade Bratwurst ~ $8.95/lb


Fox Run Eggs 1/2 doz. pasture raised ~ $5
Cornerstone Gluten-free Granola 1/2 pint ~ $8
Fancy Olives 1/2 pint ~ $8.50
Compound Butters ~ $4-$6
House Pickles ~ $7.5
Bag of Spiced Nuts ~ $12
Porthos Tinned Sardines,
Serrats Tuna + Bonito
from Portugal ~ $8–$11
Cornerstone Crostini ~ $2.95/bag
Italian Olive Oil Grissini ~ $8/package
Marinated Artichokes 1/2 pint ~ $6
Variety of Dried Fruits & Nuts 1/2 pint ~ $4–$12
French teas, salts + butter galettes
in beautiful collector tins! ~ $12–$40

Easy Pasta Night, Any Night
Don’t forget about our fresh, housemade pastas and sauces to go!

 Fettuccine, Gemelli, Cresta de Gallo ~ $3/serving
 Pomodoro Tomato Sauce ~ $6/pint
Citrus Herb Ricotta ~ $14/pint
Ottimo “Excellent” Bolognese ~ $15/pint
Pork, veal, and beef with carrot, spinach, and kale puree + homemade bone broth. Your kids will have no idea how healthy they are eating!

*Pre-order 24 hrs in advance for orders of 5 or more servings! Directions included*
Imported “Verrigni” Dried Pasta is also available; Pappadarelle, Lasagna Sheets, Soqquadro, and more at $8/pound.

Chef’s Boards

Small Board (serves 2-3) ~ $35
2 cheeses, 1 charcuterie
  Large Board (serves 4) ~ $55
3 cheeses, 2 charcuterie
Cheeses, Charcuterie, Mixed Olives, and Nuts to go
a la carte

Fresh Oysters

Aunt Dotty + Island Creek
lemon and mignonette provided
~ $1.50 unshucked
~ $3 shucked
For unshucked oysters, we have gloves and openers for sale if you need! Grilling instructions also available upon request.
Shuckers + Lobster Tea Towels ~ $20

Compound grilling butters:
French Herb, Chesapeake Kicker, Citrus Uni, Ramp 4oz ~ $4–$6

call to order: 610.688.1888
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