remembering Anthony Bourdain

remembering Anthony Bourdain

Remembering a hero.

There are few people in this world who completely push the boundaries of what it means to be a chef. Anthony Bourdain was just that, breaking down barriers with his unique expression through food in all its forms. Our hearts go out to his family, Eric Ripert, and the entire industry from which he erupted – leaving a mark that has and will influence so many. We thank him for his unforgettable passion and inspiring us to follow our hearts towards a common goal, culinary authenticity. He travelled the world in search of it, and we seek it within ourselves. Travel is what enriches us and makes us grow as human beings and chefs. We will never learn if we stay in our bubble.

That’s why we at Cornerstone take a break every year in August for 2 weeks, and pay our full time staff to travel with us, on a quest for inspiration. We travel to see our best friends of 20+ years in Sonoma, doing their thing in the industry. We visit colleagues and vineyards in Napa, our oyster farmers on Tomales Bay in California and to Puget Sound in Washington State.
We stop in small towns all over the country to see what they’re doing. What influences them? What is their story? We share in meals together or simply a cup of coffee.

We travel to bring our experiences back to our guests; in the form of new techniques, ingredients, and stories to tell. The truth is that this is an unforgiving, relentless industry. And at the core of it, in the darkest and longest hours, we all need a little help to get through during those tough times. Thank you Anthony Bourdain for being a positive voice in our lives, and showing us that the only really limits are in our own minds.

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